Abeetha Awan

About the Artist

"My goal is to create art that isn’t “dead” and “static" mounted on the wall like taxidermy, but alive and interactive - a means of educating and interacting with viewers. I want to create beautiful things that can help communities, whether it be selling pizza NFT’s to support underprivileged children or building an architectural game to inspire budding designers. The current series I am working on focuses on incorporating play and art as a means of healing childhood trauma and debunking societal expectations about softness, femininity, and playfulness. The series specifically takes into account female, POC, and LGBTQIA+ communities and the unique traumas, experiences, and issues that members undergo from an early age. Too often, these highly specific perspectives are not only underrepresented, but also cause members to mature quicker in the face of adversity, preventing them from enjoying the important human experience of play and the essential aspects of childhood." - Abeeha Awan