Ginger Lou

About the Artist

"Growing up in San Diego, I am inspired by beautiful places, the natural environment, and the sense of peace they give me. I decided to make these wonderful floral jewelry pieces so I can keep a sense of calm and beauty close to my heart and share this joyful feeling with you. All of my jewelry is handcrafted using actual dried flowers which I have collected on my ever-expanding travels to various California locations such as Carmel (CA), Big Sur (CA), Esalen Institute (Big Sur), The Getty Center (Los Angeles), The Ritz Carlton (Dana Point), The Waldorf Astoria (Dana Point), San Juan Capistrano (CA), Del Mar (San Diego), La Jolla (San Diego), Coronado (CA), Carmel Valley (San Diego) and everywhere in between." - Ginger Lou

Each piece is carefully constructed over a period of 4-6 weeks from the time the flowers are chosen and dried until the last bead is tied on. Each piece has up to 5 layers of carefully hand poured UV resistant epoxy to gently seal and protect.