Kolten French

About the Artist

"It all started by accident. That accident left me having spinal surgery after years of abuse at the hands of my skateboard. The end of my skateboard romance paired with a lifetime of traumas fueled my anxiety and depression, to which creating art has been the only alleviant. My art now tends to focus on the people and places that bring me joy or solitude. Decaying architecture, random skate spots, music and the emotions I experience continue to inspire my work. At times my art is selfish, in the sense that I make it purely for myself or as a release. Other times I aim to be a voice for the voiceless. I often go for the laugh as I want the viewer to be engaged, even entertained. I enjoy working with a wide range of mediums and am probably most noted for my handmade clocks and lamps. My changing interests have led me to paint much more seriously in recent years, mimicking the style of the carvings that made me fall in love with creating in the first place." - Kolten French