About the Artist

"I lost my teeth and my senses simultaneously. I could no longer comprehend the conversation between my instrument (piano) and I. My beloveds, told me that "if I don't find another lover, I would be a harm to myself, and absolutely no good to another. I picked up a paintbrush. We communed for the first time. I felt however that I did not satisfy the true curiosity which lay beneath, nor convey what I truly felt. In time and beyond all or any expectation of a new found, hopeful expression becoming anything, color turned as muddy, and mired in grey as my trees, yet I still found grey, or it found me. It was enough. We fought, cried, loved, shared secrets, and grew together. I finally brought into the foreground of my consciousness, that I was the vessel and the instrument, and that the surface was there to listen and guide my experience as I sang and played, the experience of learning to feel brave enough to reclaim a certain truth and proclaim it from a place beyond the limits of the shadows under my tongue... I am an artist!
And so that it may be a beacon to others, through the guise of particular hues, through a lack of intent or symmetry, or the uncommon balance of a so-called subjective craft, that this particular kind of beauty allows one to just be, and when possible, artfully!" - Yoshi (visual, music, and literary artist)