Luz Maria Clayton

About the Artist

'I became a full time artist out of necessity. I was diagnosed with anxiety and depression at an early age. As an adult, my symptoms impeded me from maintaining a job. Drawing allowed me to cope during my working mom to stay-at-home-mom transition. My life dramatically changed when my husband, Edward, bought me a tablet and stylus pen. It was then that I discovered my calling for creating digital art. I began selling my artwork in June of 2016 in an effort to help supplement our household income. I had no idea that my “therapy” would become my career. I began my journey as a professional artist by selling prints at local farmers markets, breweries, coffee shops, and eventually art galleries. Today, I own my own microshop and gallery named Arte De Luz. My art has made its way to homes all over the U.S. and around the world. Motivated by my faith in God, Edward, and our two children, I am truly living a dream and hope my story can inspire others.' - Luz Maria Clayton