Meera Ramanathan

About the Artist

Meera Ramanathan enjoys working with paper as her preferred medium and thinks of her paper collages as an ode to the ordinary and typical and strives to elevate these objects that we look at every day and take for granted. Inspired by subjects in the kitchen that are often considered mundane and ordinary, Meera aims to raise these objects to a higher level as she believes they have so much beauty and uniqueness.

Meera first sketches her subject to get a sense of the form. She exaggerates the color and light to create drama after which she uses pieces of ripped paper to create bold chunks of color. Several layers of paper are used until Meera achieves the desired effect.

Recently, Meera has found new inspiration in text from her mother tongue, Tamil. She finds unique ways to incorporate Tamil vowels and consonants into her paper collages and finds this to be a way to respect the language she grew up speaking.

Having specialized in textile design, hand embroidery, and sewing has been a huge part of Meera’s life and she looks for opportunities when to incorporate thread into her works to create areas of interest. Her favorite is Kutch embroidery which involves two steps: creating a skeleton of yarn first on paper then looping the yarn to complete the embroidery.