Mensah Bey

About the Artist

"We often look at the world through lenses which abstract the true nature of it. As a biological form, the planet has no end or beginning. Its spherical shape gets boxed in through the cropping of devices and our own vision. My works explore the ways in which we capture and share nature through the use of technological devices. In doing so, my paintings abstract nature using a multi-layered, hard-edged geometric patterning akin to pixelation. The transparencies suggest the out of sight elements that make up the images we create. Figurative subjects are often implanted in these spaces, acknowledging the human presence in both a physical and virtual sense. My graphic, hard-edged style is reminiscent of the works of Aaron Douglass and Jacob Lawrence, simplifying compositions to their essences. Conceptually, my works often draw inspiration from the Surrealist movement that challenged our perceptions of truth and reality, viewing the virtual world as an evolutionary subconscious that bridges our imaginations with the physical world." - Mensah Bey

Mensah Bey is a native of Richmond, VA residing in San Diego, CA. He received his Bachelor of Arts in Graphic Design from Hampton University and his Master of Fine Arts in Visual Studies from Norfolk State University. Bey has exhibited nationally with highlights in Los Angeles, California, and New York.