Nissim Ouzan

About the Artist

"I have been exploring the topic of the digital world emerging itself with the physical for over 6 years now. Creating a body of work with the use of hand painted pixels in order to express how technology causes us to leave a digital footprint with the use of it, and how it is consuming our lives causing a mass dependency and addiction. The hand painted pixels represent these ideas in the most primitive and primal way I could think of without using technology. I think of it as a warning to society of the dystopian technology-run future that awaits us if we do not become more conscious of our use of it. That is the reason they are hand painted and why my work goes back and forth from the streets to the studio. A big influence on my art is my past in graffiti. So I still tend to paint on the streets whenever I can. Coming from this background makes me fall into a genre of art called post graffiti, which is now a recognized term, used to describe the work of artists whose backgrounds in graffiti inform their professional artistic practice." - Nissim Ouzan